Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tears and Fears....


It is amazing when I step back and look at the progress my family has made on the shop these past weeks. My hubby and his brother have made all my visualizations a reality. They have given me my two rooms made from 100 yr old reclaimed lumber ~ complete with tin roofs, a huge beautiful counter, wooden floors, beautiful stone entry wall, and warm wall colors. It fills my heart with joy and thankfulness to be so blessed with a wonderful support system. In fact the other day my dad was heading to Wyoming on business and happened to stop by an antique store in the Dakotas. He found a great assortment of old cupboards and gave me a call. Four days later here comes dad sporting his new black cowboy hat pulling a rented trailer full of antiques. My tears of gratitude and a happy dance in back of the trailer made him giggle.

Loving all the great finds we pulled out of trailer was short lived as I had to yet again pull out my soap and scrub bucket to wash these "farm fresh" finds. Good grief....centuries of dirt does not wash away easily.

Well....I know that I need to get the camera out and start taking these photos- very hard to believe the transformation from white walls and white carpet. The days seem to fly by and shopkeepers fears tend to set in. It is quickly brushed away with my love of what I do and sharing it with others. How very lucky I am to live this life.

We are setting a target date of April 8, 2010 ~ well lets just say that my new shopkeepers will be coming in to learn and there will be cash in the till! I am sure I will be still futzin with stuff but it has to open sometime and it might as well be sooner than later. I must confess that I have yet to tackle the new till... computerized technology ~ oh boy. The other day all was going good...I was a bit shaky due my unreasonable fear of this new till ~ but programming was going well. Then I got a bit side-tracked, those who know me see this happen about every 10 minutes, well I reached over to grab a pen and didn't I hit a key on the till. Good GLORY....out came a 3 foot print out of who knows what! Sue from the quilt shop and I had a conversation the other day that technology is great but to much of it is just silly. Needless to say...the till won the first battle!
Blessed Be ~ Lisa

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