Wednesday, October 12, 2016

We are getting the farmhouse ready for Christmas

Believe it or not planning for the Christmas season begins in January of that year.  I put a lot of planning and thoughts into themes and color schemes. It seems that months then pass and all of a sudden our awaited treasures start arriving as early as June !  That great staff of mine seems to have it priced and packed then set aside for us to rediscover it when this time of year comes around.   We are starting to set up our living room here in the next week or so.

With that in mind we need to make some room so Anita said "lets blow out some of this fall/Halloween" so she got our her little red know what that means !  Not only is all fall and Halloween 25% off but if it has a red line through the price tag it is 50% off the regular marked price ! 

Wahoo....stop in soon !

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